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Okay, we’re going to jump back to boot camp. A few days after they arrive at boot camp, they will begin to write letters. Receiving your first letter is so relieving. Even though you know they’re in a safe place, it’s reassuring to know how they’re doing on top of that.

You can write them letters as often as you’d like, and they get mail six days a week. They may not get to write you as often, but I guarantee you will get plenty (as long as they’re writing of course). Keep in mind, you have to be careful what you send. They have certain guidelines when it comes to packages, and you can only send plain envelopes and cards. No glitter, stickers, or colored envelopes.

Other than having to be boring with what you send, sending letters begins to be kind of fun. Now you can actually expect something in the mail other than bills, and it’s exciting, too.