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Care Packages

One fun thing (probably the only fun thing) about deployment is getting to send care packages. You have the opportunity to be creative, and it’s exciting knowing that your loved one will receive something that they’ll enjoy.

Care packages can basically be however you want them to be. You can go all out and decorate the inside of the box, or you can just simply put the items in the box and send them off. If you want to go the decorative route, first you need to pick out what you want the box to look like on the inside, then gather supplies.

You can send almost anything you’d like in a care package. Frequent items are candy, snacks, hygiene products, clothing (smaller items), pictures, etc.

Let’s say it’s their birthday, so you’re doing a “Happy Birthday” care package. First, grab a box that can hold all of the items you’re sending. You can now paint or glue the words “Happy Birthday” on the inner flaps of the box. You can even place balloons or confetti inside the care package to make it even more decorative.

Typically, it won’t matter to your loved one how the package is decorated; it’s the thought that counts.

The picture that I have attached is just of some simple ones the local VFW sent last summer.




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