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Boot Camp

The first obstacle, which I personally believe is the hardest, is seeing your significant other or family member leave for boot camp. No matter how much you think that you’re prepared, it is still a very difficult process to go through. However, it gets better. You start receiving letters about a week or so after their departure date, and you can write back as much as you’d like. Depending on the branch, training can last anywhere from two to three months. His training lasted eight weeks, and it honestly felt brutal.

The letters kept all of us going, and on rare occasions we would get a five minute phone call. It got easier every time we would hear from him, and counting down the days actually became exciting. When graduation day finally came, it was such a relief. The family came together again; everyone was happy. I have never been more proud of him than I was then.

Boot camp is the hardest to me because once you have been entirely deprived of this person for months, you have truly made it through. You get to the point where it becomes normal, and you know that you’ll get phone calls or Skype instead of letters.



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